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Get your FREE MySpace counter now!!

free MySpace hit counter!!

Would you like to add a traffic counter to your MySpace page? Its as easy as copying and pasting our code into your myspace profile. We have many different styles to choose from. Simply pick your style and click the get code button and wa-la! Our MySpace counter code will allow you to place a counter in your profile so others can see how often your page is visited instead of just having that information viewable in your "edit profile" section! Share your popularity but displaying how many times you are being checked out on MySpace by placing a code on your site today!

eBAY Traffic counters!! Get yours free here!!!

free eBay hit counter!!

Placing a counter on your eBay listing can create more interest in your product by allowing people to see how often people are visiting your item. It is extremely simple to add one of our hit counters to your eBay listing by simply placing our code into your listing. Traffic counters are helpful on eBay because once a buyer sees that more and more people are interested in your listing, he or she will know there is competition out there and this may increase the demand for your item. Also the more your product is viewed, it tells buyers that your product is of good quality and one which garners interest among many potential buyers!! Add a traffic counter to your eBay site today using our free code and help your eBay listing get the results you want!